Monday, April 23, 2007

San Simeon Ride - Day 3

Pacific Ocean

Ocean, mountains, and fog on top of the mountains

GS along the coast

Looking back South

The ocean was dark blue


Bixby bridge again


San Simeon Ride - Day 2

Sunny morning in San Simeon





Some tree

A break

Parking where it says not to

Parking where it says not to

Lake above the dam

The SUVs keep getting bigger every year

A break along the dirt road

The last 2 miles of the dirt road

San Simeon Ride - Day 1

Twisties all the way down the coast

Bixby bridge?

Just because the puddle was there

Some other bridge

Somewhere along the coast

A straight section of PCH

Pacific Ocean

Friday, April 20, 2007

Going to San Simeon tomorrow

I'm taking tomorrow (Friday) off and going riding for the weekend. Staying in San Simeon at Motel 6 on Friday and Saturday nights. Friday I'll make my way down there, Saturday I'll be riding in that area. Sunday I'll make my way back. I'll see if I can get an extra battery and an extra memory stick for my camera tomorrow morning, just in case.